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The Maryland Conference upon Chemical Research and Dimension, also known as Pittcon, is an internationally accepted non-profit academics organization specializing in the improvement of analytical chemistry and related explore. Since its inception in 1974, Pittcon has been working hard to improve and advance our understanding of the official source chemical substance sciences through education and participation in research and seminars. The Conference is normally held on a yearly basis in conjunction with the 12-monthly Meeting of this American Substance Society.

The Conference is normally divided into two main instruction that handle life scientific disciplines specific topics and conferences that are more general. Equally feature a nicely balanced mix of presenters with various certification and experience. It can worth adding that the loudspeakers are usually asked from Pittcon events and associates and also other visible members for the science community.

Another interesting aspect towards the Pittcon meeting is that it is not associated with any kind of particular label of the the community. Everyone is meet to get involved. The only requirement is that you must become a member of the American Chemical Society or its equal. If you wish to speak on a extensive topic, or if you just want to present a paper on a recent advancements or new studies, not a problem. But if you could have a special specialized niche such as experimental biochemistry and biology, you’ll probably need to present work at one of the specialized Pittcon workshops or perhaps presentations.